Group Overview

    In January 2020, 推荐买球平台宣布了一项重组计划,将公司分为三个不同且连贯的运营集团,以目标为导向,为未来做好准备,以便在持续的基础上最大化推荐买球平台的长期价值.

    We have developed a clear Purpose, 推荐几个足彩外围app的三个运营集团都有令人信服的愿景和差异化的战略. Each can capitalise on specific trends that underpin its sectors, pursue its own strategy, take advantage of new market opportunities, attract new talent, 优化资源,投资于必要的资产和能力,以实现盈利增长,并在持续的基础上建立长期价值.

    Sunny Verghese, Co-Founder and Group CEO

    “Over the past 30+ years, 推荐买球平台已经建立了一个有价值的业务组合,并取得了领导地位. 通过将推荐几个足彩外围app的业务简化为3个不同且连贯的集团, each with a clear vision for profitable growth, 它使推荐几个足彩外围app的重点更加清晰,并提供了利用关键市场趋势的机会, while continuing to leverage the benefits of the 推荐买球平台 Group.”

    Sunny Verghese
    Co-Founder and Group CEO


    ofi -可可


    Led by its Purpose, to 'Be the Change for Good Food and a 健康y Future', ofi offers sustainable, 自然, 增值食品和配料,让消费者享受健康和放纵的产品. 它由行业领先的企业、可可、咖啡、乳制品、坚果和香料组成. It partners with customers, 利用其互补和差异化的“潮流”食品组合, 随着消费者对可追溯和可持续的健康食品需求的增加,共同创造解决方案,预测和满足不断变化的消费者偏好.

    推荐买球平台阿勒 - Cotton


    Led by its Purpose, to 'Transform food, 饲料, and fibre for a more sustainable future', 推荐买球平台阿勒 is a market  leading agri-business, 专注于高增长的消费市场,对市场需求有深刻的理解, a global origination, trading and marketing footprint, with good logistics, processing and risk management capabilities. It transforms food, 饲料, and fibre to create value for its customers, 使农业社区实现可持续繁荣,努力实现更加粮食安全的未来. Operating at the heart of global food and agri-trade flows, it has leading market positions across grains and oilseeds, animal 饲料 and proteins, 食用油, 大米, specialty grains and seeds, 棉花, wood products, rubber and commodity financial services.

    Remaining 推荐几个足彩外围app

    Led by 推荐几个足彩外围app’s Purpose, to ‘Re-imagine global agriculture and food systems’, the Remaining Businesses of 推荐几个足彩外围app comprises:

    • Nupo Ventures——一个独立的孵化器,为推荐几个足彩外围app的Engine 2业务和创业增长计划,如魂(农民服务平台)提供支持。, Terrascope (Smart carbon management Platform), Re~ (purpose brand).
    • Mindsprint -为每个运营集团提供数字和技术服务,并将利用其能力在未来为第三方提供服务. 
    • 推荐买球平台全球控股公司(OGH) -持有和开发推荐几个足彩外围app的酝酿资产,以期随着时间的推移部分和/或全部货币化这些资产,并监督推荐几个足彩外围app的非优先业务和资产的负责任地剥离.

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